Our Story - Owner Valdek Piecyk

Since Valdek was a boy his passion was cars and mechanical things, so he put his future in this direction since day one. At school and after some courses he changed to becoming a mechanic. Although his intention was to become an engineer, there were no degrees that would allow you to work directly on cars, which was--and still is--his true passion.

Valdek learned auto mechanics through traditional European apprenticeship with several mentors. At one point, after several years of thorough and meticulous training and after receiving jis hard earned certificate (in europe you can't open a shop without a certificate), he felt that it was time to "go solo." Since then he has been fascinated with the continuous learning and keeping up with technology, all the way to the latest electronics components of these days.

He has been in business for 20 years, in the same location, and he has been told by his customers that "I have earned their trust"--that's the biggeest compliment and satisfaction his work have given him.

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