"Thinking back over our 6 years association in the care of my '90 MBZ 420, from the beginning you have saved me hours of stress and money starting with replacing my front brakes with a brank (not MBZ) that hold up much longer despite my abusive driving." - Nancy Finan | Alpain Pinel Realtors


"Thank you from not jumping to the same conclusion everyone else had, and for taking the itme to investigate the 'less expensive' solutions first...which, fortunately turned out to be the real cause of our Mercedes performance problems.

As a result of your skills, and unique dedication to being a true mechanic, we saved thousands of dollars!!! - Dan Sandru | San Carlos, California

"I wanted to write you a short note to thank you for the excellent work you performed on my 1984 911 EuroCarrera [Porsche]. Your knowledge and attention to detail is very impressive. My Carrera has NEVER run better..." - Barry Giordano | Tripos | Sales Manager
"I wanted to thank you for the attention shown to my 1988 BMW 635csi. I appreciate you taking the time to fix all of the nagging details that the other shops missed or wouldn't fix. It has been a long time since I have been this happy with the overall performance and function." - Chris Ralston | Henry ScheinĀ® Financial Services
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